High School Staff/Websites

Last Updated: 7/9/2019 5:27 PM

Below is a list of our high school faculty and staff. Some teachers have their own classroom web page and are noted with an asterisk (*). Some sites require a classroom user name and password. Please contact your child’s teacher to obtain this information.

Principal - Doug Fields
Assistant Principal/Athletic Director - Brett Bough

Assistant Athletic Director - Steve Frank
A+ Coordinator - Shane Pierce
Administrative Assistants - Vicki Barnum, Alison Choate, Bethany House, and Trish Triplett
Guidance Counselor -
Brenda Grass*
Library Media Center - Jessica Williams*
Nurse - Lacey Ross and Anne Stever
Resource Officer - Officer Justhan Webster
Special Education Director - April Phillips
Special Education Teachers - Suzanne Lawler, Cleave Perryman and Twila Rowen
Special Education Paraprofessionals - Darra Allen and Christine Muenks

Shasdene Cooper
Jodi Davis
Malu Hayes

Valerie Poynor*
Jeremy Stephens

Fine Arts
Zach Chittenden 
Katherine Gibson 

Russell Lee
Aaron Luebbe 


Health and Physical Education
Steve Frank
Tim Hester
Rodney Mullings
Cindy Rear
Tyler Ryerson

Rachel Baker

Angela Cannefax*
Curtis Williams

Practical Arts
Jessica Berghager
Duane Fabro
Eric Rogers
Kayla Schanfarber

Kay Myers
Chris Peterson

Brad Pulliam*

Social Studies

Greg Baker*
Michael Gandy
Troy McMain

Supplemental Programs

Richard Cline
Dave Holst
Brandon Kovach