Reimbursable Fees

The Missouri Department of Higher Education often receives questions about whether certain fees are eligible for A+ reimbursement. When determining whether a fee may be included in a reimbursement request for a student, institutions should use the following guidelines.
Students eligible for the A+ scholarship may receive reimbursement for tuition and “genera
l” fees that are charged to all students enrolled in the institution. Fees that are specific to a program or group of students are not considered general fees for purposes of the A+ program and are not eligible for reimbursement. Some examples of general fees eligible for reimbursement may include enrollment fees and facility maintenance fees. Examples of fees not eligible for reimbursement may include laboratory fees and uniform fees.


Fee structures and naming conventions vary among institutions. As a result, when determining if a fee may be included in a reimbursement request, it is important that institutions focus on who is required to pay the fee rather than on the institutional classification or name of the fee.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Connie Bestgen, Program Specialist  1-800-473-6757, option 4, 573-751-1772, or

Amy Haller, Program Specialist
573-526-7958 or

Kelli Reed, Student Assistance Associate
573-751-2444 or