Staff Information

Early Childhood Director - Lesa Collins

Administrative Assistant - Michaela Morton
Nurse - Rolanda Lawler
Occupational Therapist - Charla Holst
Parents As Teachers - Cinnamon Lumley and Jamie Muncy
Special Education - Debbie Burks and Jeff Wirtel
Special Education Paraprofessionals - Lora Luna and Leigh Ann Thornton
Speech - Megan Richardson
Title I Paraprofessionals - Lisa Everett and Nichole Thompson

PACE Teacher - Danni Best
Preschool Teacher - Lesa Collins
Preschool Teacher - Mindy Lee
Preschool Teacher - Cassie Reed
Daycare Director - Mallory Ford
Daycare Aides - Amanda Clark, Jessica Coonis, Tammy Dishman, Brittany Evans, Heidi Goodin, Madelyn Goodin, Kenzie Knight, Dianne Mingus, April Potter, and Victoria Visconte












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Cogdill Early Childhood Center 218 W. McCabe
Strafford, MO 65757