SHS Students of the Month

Students of the Month

Congratulations to our SHS Students of the Month! The high school teachers nominate the students selected each month.

January: (Pictured Below)
Freshmen - Elsie Larsen and Tyler Fields
Sophomores - Sadie Taylor and Luke Crandall
Juniors - Cara Villapiano and Gabe Moore
Seniors - Madeline Cox and Gage Robertson

January SOTM

November: (Pictured Below)
Freshmen - Joslyn Wells and Blake Miller
Sophomores - Heidi Golosinski and Ryder Ross
Juniors - Evelyn Comstock and Ethan Hurtgen
Seniors - Bailey Anderson and Dalton Young
November SOTM

October: (Pictured Below)
Freshmen - Zoe Allison and Landen Rhodes
Sophomores - Brooklyn Adney and Elijah Baker
Juniors - Lizzie Davis and Jonathon Hill
Seniors - Elizabeth Bowie and Clay Smith

October SOTM

September: (Pictured Below)
Freshmen - Fabian Carney and Kobe Crandall
Sophomores - Maya Gregory and Colin Kugler
Juniors - Breanna Phillips and Jackson Jacobson
Seniors - Ashley Suter and Michael Martin

September SOTM

(Left to right: Fabian Carney, Colin Kugler, Ashley Suter, Michael Martin, Jackson Jacobson, Breanna Phillips, Maya Gregory, Kobe Crandall)

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